Deposit: A $200 security deposit is required to hold reservations

Spring rates  $1000 to $1,350

Summer rates:    $1000 to $1,250

Off season rates $750 to $895

Special Event weeks:

    Speed Weeks  (up to10 Days)  $1,850
    Bike weeks      (up to 10 Days ) $1,750
    Coke Zero       (up to 8 Days)    $1,300
    Biketoberfest  (up to 10 Days)   $995


Discounted Monthly and Biweekly rates are available

Cleaning fee: A $75 cleaning fee is charged for each rental period

Florida tax: (Volutia County + Florida Tax) is now 12.5%

Payment: Credit card payment is provided by PayPal

To make a payment, you must already have reservations and you must be using a current version of Netscape or Explorer.

Credit card payment with PayPal Visa or Mastercard